Daily Specials for Thursday, July 27th
  1. Boar’s Head Special (COLD CUT)-ever-roast chicken with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, bacon and mayo                         roll $7.50  grilled ciabatta $8.50  sub $9.50


  1. Daily Salad or Wrap-baby greens with grilled chicken, grilled portobello, grilled squash, grilled eggplant, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette     spinach wrap or salad $8.50


  1. Spinach Salad or Wrap-grilled chicken with fresh grapes, fresh cantaloupe, fresh apples, shredded parmesan cheese and ranch dressing  spinach wrap or salad $9.25


  1. The Mario-grilled chicken with fresh mozzarella, grilled Portobello, roasted red peppers and pesto on a panini $9.00


  1. Waldorf Chicken Special-(all white chicken salad w/apples-grapes-walnuts), with baby greens and Swiss cheese on a grilled ciabatta $9.75


  1. Eggplant Caprese-store breaded eggplant with fresh mozzarella, baby spinach, tomato, fresh basil, avocado and extra virgin olive oil on a grilled ciabatta or panini $9.75




Chicken Noodle                cup $2.75      bowl $3.50

Ham Lentil                         cup $3.50       bowl $4.50